Hop On The Action Bus

Hop On The Action Bus
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
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The Community Action Bus is an outrageous and amazing asset for SocialCoast, Victoria, and the future of community organizing. SocialCoast stumbled upon a very exciting opportunity to purchase this 1991 48-Seater Diesel School Bus by the unforgettable generousity of the Forest Action Network and supportive donors from the community. There are too many times that a bus full of activists could have come in handy. Now the community has a bus at their disposal!


The Community Action Bus has been dubbed "The Island Turtle", in respect to the endangered Western Painted Turtle of Vancouver Island, in support of our allies in Wet'suwet'en and other Indigenous struggles on Turtle Island, and in recognition of its maximum uphill speed of 20km/hr.


We have a ton of exciting ideas and upcoming events for this project. Please stay tuned by joining this group (column to the right) or email the drivers directly at eric@socialcoast.org. If you would like to make use of the bus for a rally or special event, please contact us.


The Inspiration:


SocialCoast was stoked to worked with the Forest Action Network in the summer of 2012 to rally, move, and trail blaze a caravan of vehicles from Victoria and Vancouver up to Unis'tot'en territory to support them in their struggle against the construction of the Pacific Trails Pipeline. The trip was epic. To read about how the trip went, please check out this link


In the Spring of 2012, buses were rented to bring protesters up to the Comox Valley to make some noise and show solidarity at the first National Energy Board Joint Review Panel on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. This story here gives some more background.


In October of 2011, a school bus full of passionate community members helped to stop a proposed resort development between a beautiful stretch of coast and the Juan de Fuca trail. Read about the story here.


If there is one commonality amongst these stories, it's that buses bring victories! (oh, and passionate members of the community are also an important part). With these stories, and centuries past of times and places when a bus full of activists could've changed the world, SocialCoast was inspired to Hop On The Action Bus!




We've had the excitement of working with Zoe Blunt and the Forest Action Network on this project. Our in-house mechanic Kevin Neish has played a huge role in getting the Island Turlte on the road. We would also like to recognize the hard work of Chantelle Mussell, Lydia Beauregard, Dini Ze Toghestiy, Mel Bazil, Freda Huson, Julie Anne, our fleet of bus drivers, and everyone who will be helping this project roll along through the future.


Get Involved:


There are a number of projects that we have on the go. Please let us know if you can help with any of these:


1. Converting the bus to run on veggie oil, or finding a legit source of biodiesel.


2. Organizing regular events to have a good time and fundraise for insurance, license fees, and mechanical upgrades.


3. Design a sweet paint job.


4. Commit to becoming a licensed bus pilot or Island Turtle mechanic.


5. Or if you are able, please make a donation.


If you or your organization would like to use the bus, please contact eric@socialcoast.org for more information.


Do you feel that you would like to start your own community project with the help of SocialCoast? Send your ideas to us.

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