Community Includes Everyone

Community Includes Everyone
Wednesday, 07 March 2012
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    Members of the community holding up and supporting the alternative 'Community Includes Everyone' green circle signs. This project has seen over 50 bus
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  • How does everyone feel about doing some proactive fundraising at EarthWalk this weekend? would we need to set up a simple for tracking any donations?
    groups.wall 919 days ago
    Eric Nordal Cool, ya i coud be in... what did you have in mind?919 days ago
  • We'll be heading out this week for a quick trial run with the signs... next week we'll organize the full on sign mobs. Send us a message if there are any days during the week that work best for you!
    groups.wall 950 days ago


The 'Community Includes Everyone' project is a response to the discriminatory 'Private Property' signs posted in the downtown core, which support a system of social profiling and contribute to the marginalization of our most vulnerable. The signs we've created have helped raise awareness and begin discussion about issues of poverty and how we value public space in our community.


SocialCoast, alongside VIPIRG and the Community Social Planning Council, launched this communtiy project in March of 2012. Time has past, but this project remains alive and full of energy. There are groups that meet on a regular schedule to continue asking businesses to post these signs up. Our goal was to have 50 businesses in Victoria post these signs in their front windows, and we are happily moving beyond that original goal.


If you would like to get involved, please sign up with this group (right hand column) or email


The Inspiration:


A VIPIRG report in 2012 indicated that the vast majority of the street community interacts with the police on a regular occurrence. This relationship between police and people in poverty does not create a safer community (78% of survey participants witnessed the police search, detain or arrest people without sufficient cause / 83% report witnessing police acting rude, uncivil or using profane, abusive or insulting language). This report has been a major inspiration behind the actions we have taken.


In June of 2011, an anonymous community group organized and targeted Private Property signs throughout downtown Victoria. Over 200 'Private Property' signs were each pasted over with 'Public Space' signs using a potato-starch glue. Find out more about that story through B-Channel News.




We are very happy to have paired up with the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG) and the Community Social Planning Council on the 'Community Includes Everyone' project. Through this project, SocialCoast has had the opportunity to meet and work with some of Victoria's best social justice organizers. Many thanks go out to Larry Wartel, Ashley Mollison, Jayce Hawkins, Braedan Houtman, Nikk Beach, Gordon O'Connor, Mark Wilson, Alvaro Moreno, Stephen Portman, Nikki Dillman, Naomi Large, Lliam Hildebrand, Seb Bonet, Chloe Tunis, and Eric Nordal.


Get Involved:


We invite you to use this sign to engage your community in a conversation about poverty in Victoria. If you are interested in learning more about the effects of poverty or becoming involved in the 'Community Includes Everyone' project in any capacity, please contact us through the websites listed below.


To get a copy of the sign, or sticker for your business or home, please conatct


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