Decolonization and Sovereignty

Posted in Decolonization and Sovereignty

In The World Today

Written by Kevin Henry

In The World Today

In the world today, there are important and pressing issues. Fights for land, title, and sovereignty take place daily in Indian Country. However, this remains silent to many and remains hidden within corporate media.

Posted in Decolonization and Sovereignty, Summer Action Camps, Environmental Sustainability

Deconstructing Pipelines and Imperialism

Posted by Eric Nordal

Deconstructing Pipelines and Imperialism

The camp stands strong above the banks of Wedzin Kwah. Our caravan arrived in time with 150 other organizers, activists, and warriors from across North America. We had come to learn about the resistance and find out what we could offer the people that are taking a fearless stance against the onslaught of industrial expansion.

Posted in Decolonization and Sovereignty, Environmental Sustainability, Defend The Coast

Members of Unist’ot’en arrive in Bella Coola, ask for Nuxalk support

Story by Jason Slade of Coast Mountain News - Photo by Aaron Lakoff

Members of Unist’ot’en arrive in Bella Coola, ask for Nuxalk support

Freda Huson of the Unist'ot'en Clan and Toghestiy of Likhts'amisyu Clan of the Wet'suwet'en and their children arrived in Bella Coola this Tuesday from their home on the Morice River, tributary of the mighty Skeena River. They feel there are dangerous activities stirring in the North, and they invoked a plea for support.

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