Justice and Equality

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Written by Shane Calder


While it is widely considered by researchers, health care professionals, and social activists to be the most rational, cost effective and humane approach to addressing the use of illicit drugs in our society, harm reduction services (HRS) still remain marginalised within health services. Largely ignored and abandoned by health authorities, at best, or vilified publicly as havens for drug dealers, disease, and despair, HRS occupy both a wide scale public support and a general societal uneasiness that renders these services extremely vulnerable to isolation, chronic underfunding, and even closure.

Posted in Justice and Equality

Masks Off

Posted by Jeremy Loveday

In raising awareness of gender violence and inequality, Jeremy Loveday issues a "challenge to men" in Masks Off.

Posted in Economics, Justice and Equality, Politics and Democracy

Let's Talk about a Basic Income Guarantee for everyone.

An Event by Basic Income Canada

Let's Talk about a Basic Income Guarantee for everyone.

Come meet Rob Rainer, campaign director for Basic Income Canada Network, the non-profit that is spearheading The BIG Push. The BIG Push is being advanced as a new national campaign.

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