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Carrots in the Air!

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There are some happenings underfoot that may be threatening our ability as a community to be food sovereign. The newly elected provincial government is undergoing a Core Review of all government services and programs as is normally done at the beginning of any new term. The Minister responsible, Bill Bennett has said there will be BOLD changes, including purview of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

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  • The SocialCoast Wish List. One day, we would like,

    - a projector and screen
    - a megaphone
    - a SocialCoast Banner
    - more First Aid kits
    - walkie-talkies
    - propane stoves for large groups
    - cooking gear
    - PA and microphones
    - money

  • SocialCoast is a membership-based organization that follows principles of democracy, and consensus-based decision making processes. We hold an AGP (Annual General Party) on June 22nd, when we elect the spokespeople and coordinators for SocialCoast. Here is a brief description of the board and the meetings that are hosted:


    The (Hard)Core is made up of 9-12 members who have been elected at the AGP. They are responsible for maintaining a functioning SocialCoast, work with the coordinators, act as spokespeople, and attend regular meetings. Each (Hard)Core member has a role, but may help out in many different areas as needed. Some of the defined roles include: Nikki Dillman, Lliam Hildebrand, Anna McLean, Chantelle Mussell, Erich-Nasher Ringer, Eric Nordal, Kate Polle, Stephen Portman, and Chloe Tunis.


    There are between 1 and 3 coordinators at all times. They are responsible for constant involvement in the organization, and must be available for actions on short notice, and attend regular meetings. Elections are held for this position at the AGP.

    As a member, you are:

    -       Given one vote at the Annual General Party to elect the (Hard)Core held near June 22nd.
    -       Able to vote on upcoming campaigns
    -       invite to SocialCoast events first
    -       invited to an annual members’ celebration
    -       an integral part of the revolution
    -       given one present per year
    -       able to table topics at monthly Public Houses
    -       able to make use of the SocialCoast assets (listed below

    * Find out more and sign up to become a here.

  • Our public house is located at 2630 Victor street, Victoria, BC.
    Phone 250-858-6014

    * Please note that the public house will be closed until January 6th, 2014
    Our hours are:

    Mondays 10:00 - 5:00
    Tuesdays 9:00 - 5:00
    Wednesday 9:00 - 5:00

    Please come by for tea or coffee. Limited lunch menu is available by donation.

    As well, we host a monthly meet / greet / dance / drink event. The next event will be at the public house in January. Please check back for details.

  • As a SocialCoast Member, you have access to the assets of our organization. You are given priority in their use, although some fees may apply. Conact us for details.

    - 40 passenger Action Bus
    - 1 Outdoor Canvass Tent
    - Chalk Board (Small)
    - 61 Soup Bowls
    - 1 Cooler
    - 48 Wine Glasses
    - 80 Pint Glasses
    - 5 Small Glasses
    -16 Small Cutting Boards
    - 40 Spoons, Knives, Forks
    - 53 Dinner Plates
    - 2 Marker Boards
    - 7 Clipboards
    - 3 Banners: “Oil and Water Don’t Mix”. “Pipeline Puppets This Way”, and “Progressives This Way”
    - 3 Milk Crates
    - 16 Stackable Chairs
    - 1 Oil Drum
    - 45 Mugs
    - 2 Trays
    - 50 Parfait Cups
    - Fold Up Metal Table (Small)
    - 3 x 23L Buckets
    - 7 Growlers
    - Pitcher

  • SocialCoast is an organization run entirely by volunteers. We need your help to keep us going. Whether it's 10 hours or 10 minutes a week, we can find something for you to do. Please see the list below to find opportunities to get involved:

    Quick To Do List:

    - Grant writing
    - Green Circle Sticker drive
    - Paint a mural on the bus
    - Organize the next Public House
    - Web Development
    - Organize a fundraising campaign
    - Organize our database
    - Create a promo video for SocialCoast
    - Make pins, t-shirts, or other SocialCoast gear
    - Paint our tent
    - Create a scrapbook of past SocialCoast stuff
    - Find businesses that support our work
    - Help create an annual report
    - Develop an activist health package (monthly giveaway)
    - Design Public House structure
    - Plan AGP (Annual General Party)
    - Contact organizations in Victoria
    - Develop further SocialCoast strategies

    Ongoing / Longterm To Do List:

    Website Updates:

    Our website is a major part of SocialCoast. Care to help us keep it updated? Experienced or not, we can teach you what to do.


    We are a growing organization, and key to being effective is the ability to communicate amongst each other. Please help us as we develop our communications and database within our organization. Great role for someone interested in developing an organization.

    Event Organizaing

    We host events: all of the time, and in celebration and in support of grassroots activism. In the past, we've put together 100-mile dinners, film screenings, garden parties, pub crawls, bus trips, rallies, and Scottish Ceilidhs! We are always looking for help on the day of an event and in the weeks preceding. If this interests you, please get in touch.

    Bus Pilot

    SocialCoast has a Community Action Bus! We need drivers to help get it around. Do you have a Class 2 license? If not, would you be willing to get one if we paid for the training and fees? We would love to have you as part of the team of drivers. Please contact us to get involved.


    With our 2 month model of campaigns, it is important that we have information prepared and ready to deliver. This means having an amazing team of researchers. This is a task that requires a small bit of dedication, and can often be tied into classroom assignments.

    Social Media Director

    As an organization, we spend a lot of time in online conversation. If you're always connected to the world anyways, why not consider doing it for a cause?


    We have an online publication and need help preparing articles. Do you have experience editing? Or, care to learn how to edit through SocialCoast?

    Street Canvasser

    Many of the actions we take are done by a team of street canvassers. This is a great way to get out in the community and get involved with SocialCoast. If you have days or evenings free, this could be a great role for you. No long term commitment necessary.

    Become a member: SIGN UP HERE.

  • We will have finances from our 2013 report available in the beginning of 2014.