Taking a short break

With humility and gratitude, we are announcing a break in the operations of SocialCoast until further notice. Thank you to all of the amazing people that we’ve had an honour to work with along the way.

It has been over three years since the launch of SocialCoast, and even longer since we started talking about creating a hub for community organizing that would support local, radical actions. It began with humble beginnings around a kitchen table with a group of friends that wanted to see justice, equality, and dignity brought about through effective grassroots activism. We spoke of a peoples’ revolution, the overthrowing of the capitalists, and the decolonization of our communities. We dreamt of using activism to follow our hearts and knew that we would be limited only by our imaginations.

Since SocialCoast came to be, we’ve had a hand in organizing all of the latest historic rallies and protests, we’ve made stories for every major news outlet in the city, we’ve contributed significantly to the resource pool for use by the local activist community, we’ve designed a pretty sweet website, published inspiring articles, and, perhaps most importantly, we have developed amazing relationships with other activists that we now call our close friends.

Over the years, there have been so many amazing people that have volunteered their time and energy to help with our organizing efforts. Countless hours have been devoted to this project, but it was always the sacrifice and determination of our fellow members that has been the much needed encouragement to keep SocialCoast functional.

The diverse communities and the amazing activists that we’ve had the humbling experience to work with has been all of the justification needed for all of the sweat and tears that have been poured into SocialCoast. We were, again and again, honoured when we were able to take the lead of those on the frontline of any struggle.

However, after a few amazing years that went far beyond our expectations, we are feeling a bit drained. Years of really, really hard work, and a lot of sacrifices, have been made to sustain this volunteer-run organization. Of course it’s not expected that “the struggle” will be easy, but we’ve come to understand that activism can quickly take a toll if not sustained in a healthy way; that our hearts need to be nourished if they are going to be the driving force of our organizing efforts.

With all of this said, it is time that we recognize when it is time to take a step back, regroup, reorganize, and learn from the honest mistakes that have been made along the way. We all need a¬ chance to learn and recover from our experiences so that we can move forward with absolute confidence and determination in the future. It’s time to return to our humble beginnings, and rethink how we can help to build a grassroots, pluralist, inclusive, and inspiring movement that can challenge the institutions of oppression that we are faced with.

And so, SocialCoast would like to announce with humility that after years of successes (and of course a handful of losses), we are taking a hiatus from this project until further notice.

We will continue the operation of the Community Action Bus in the new year, and will still help out on the occasional campaign, rally, or event. Otherwise, you’ll see all of us working whole-heartedly on other community projects and different forms of activism in the months and years ahead. If you would like to support the work we are doing with the Community Action Bus, please email info@socialcoast.org.

With absolute sincerity, we are humbled and thankful to all of the incredible people that we’ve had a chance to work with over the years. Thank you so much for the amazing experiences.

With fists in the air,

The SocialCoast Team


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